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‘Manifesting the Unseen’ ; a Project Celebrating Muslim Women and Islamic Art

by in Identity on 13th December, 2018


‘Manifesting the Unseen’ is a UK based art project, bringing together and celebrating Muslim women and Islamic art.

Exhibition curator Nazia Mirza felt compelled to create a space for Muslim women to engage with Islamic painting and geometry, a revered tradition that dates back centuries in the Muslim world, after being inspired by its long and rich history.

To do this, she’s brought together specifically female Muslim visual artists and poets alike, to showcase art and perform poetry, drawing on two age-old traditions in the Islamic history, and create a unique experience for everyone who wants to engage with the world of Islamic art.

Mirza hosts workshops and events to provide a space for learning about the rich and technical processes in some forms of Islamic art, and strives to keep them free for all so that they remain accessible, so that everyone can participate in the modern cultural expression of the tradition.

Mirza has also has worked with photographer Wasi Daniju to hold an exhibition of portraits of black Muslim and girls, with the aim of using the platform to raise awareness and tackle the erasure of black Muslim women in public spaces and some Muslim-led initiatives.

To find out more, watch our short video on the project below. ‘Manifesting the Unseen’ will be running until the 18th December 2018.

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