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This New Book Aims to Inspire Young Muslim Girls to Be Sporty and Brave

by in Identity on 21st January, 2019

This year has been the year for Muslim women writing, illustrating and publishing their own books, from books for women, children and wider society. This month we see the release of ‘Basirah the Basketballer says Insha Allah’ written by Hafsah Dabiri and illustrated by Alina Shabelnyk. The cover sees a young Muslim girl in a hijab showing us her skills with a basketball with the number seven on her top. We’ve yet to get a sneak peak inside and look forward to the events in 2019. Hafsah Dabiri is a student, presenter and researcher. She studies politics and international relations in London and has led national campaigns.

Hafsah comments on her Instagram:

“I’ve written a children’s book! The aim is to inspire little Muslim girls of colour not only to be sporty but to not be scared of the ups and downs of life! The book is available only for the next 24 hours for pre-order! Check out @ruqayas.bookshelf for the details!! The book is here to uplift and show our little girls that they are represented and their dreams of being active are possible! Make sure you get your copy now! There will be launch events all over the UK in the new year so watch out for the details insha’allah”

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