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Shaima Swileh Arrives in California to See Her Terminally Ill Son Abdullah

by in World on 21st December, 2018

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After almost a year of having her visa denied due to the Muslim ban, Shaima Swileh an American citizen has finally been re-united with her son, after months of pleading and begging to the U.S. State Department from both husband Ali Hassan and wife requesting entry into the country to see the couple’s terminally ill 2-year-old son The unique and sad circumstances drew the attention of the public and the involvement of CAIR National who have been supporting the couple. CAIR commented “It should never have come to this. Shaima should never have been separated from her son as his condition deteriorated,” CAIR wrote Thursday on Twitter. “This shows the cruelty of the Muslim Ban. And so many more families are separated.”

The Muslim ban affects 7 countries which include the couples country of origin Yemen along with North Korea, Syria, Libya, Iran, Venezuela and Somalia and Chad was removed in April. This is the government’s third version of a controversial policy since Mr Trump took office in January. The latest travel ban says that the countries “remain deficient at this time with respect to their identity-management and information-sharing capabilities, protocols, and practices. In some cases, these countries also have a significant terrorist presence within their territory”.

Over the months we have seen the travel ban manifest and cause distress and difficulty for thousands but this particular case has highlighted how cruel the ban actually is once in effect. Swileh flew out of Egypt and landed Wednesday night at San Francisco International Airport. She is expected to travel University of California San Francisco’s Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland to reunite with Abdullah, who is on life support.

“All families belong together. There is nobody that should be separated,” Hassan said.

We would like to ask you to keep the family and families like theirs in your duas.

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