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Dina Tokio Spent 45 Minutes Reading Out Youtube Comments and They Are Disgusting

by in World on 7th January, 2019

Trigger Warning: The video contains swearing, foul language and may affect those who have experienced cyberbullying

It’s no secret that Muslim women are continually insulted and trolled for their appearance on social media, whether they wear hijab or not. Over the years with the rise of the ‘Modest Fashion influencer,’ we’ve seen this become more prevalent and often talked about or referred to as cyberbullying.

Dina Tokio recently made a decision to take her hijab off and went as far as to explain to her followers her reasons and journey ‘For a long time, wearing it every day and committing to it was me. But very recently I feel like it’s not,’ the decision has since seen the hateful comments across her social platforms intensify, with cyber bullies sending death threats, sexual threats and ill felt commentary to her, her mother, sister, husband, and children. Much of the commentary comes through via comments beneath her Youtube videos and Instagram posts.

Dina Tokio is understandably visibly taken aback at some of the horrendous comments and often pauses to look at the screen in disbelief. I personally was only able to watch a few minutes of the video as the language used was so vile and uncomfortable to listen too. If you have young children around, I would advise using headphones.

Whilst many of us are aware of these trolls and the criticism Muslim women face online, the 45-minute video has further highlighted how bad and toxic some of the behavior is. Many have also come out in support and sent her messages of comfort and praise for her bravery.

Ramsha Sultan

“People are literally bullying her in the name of religion. All these comments from so-called religious Muslims are a shame on the community! This Haram Police has become such a pain for everyone whilst themselves missing out on the basic principles of Islam like Slandering, Insulting, Looking down upon anyone and spreading hate.”

Nuha Style 

“I almost cried when I heard all these comments! ( did anyone felt the same? ) What a strong person you are Dina, I hope you find peace regardless these hateful comments”

Selina Bakkar

Selina Bakkar

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