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Save Your Skin This Winter With Hyaluronic Acid, Nipple Cream and a Humidifier

by in Beauty & Makeup on 10th January, 2019

As soon as winter starts crawling in our skin begins to feel parched and our scalp begins to feel irritated from dryness, many of you can probably relate to that feeling of where it looks like our scalp has ‘snowed down on our shoulders. We end up purchasing multiple products and persistently ask friends and families for remedies, in hopes that someone has found the magic cure.

Here are some recommended products that can save your skin through winter.

Nipple Cream for Lips

Lansinoh (£5.99) from Boots

Yes that’s right, Nipple cream! Not just any nipple cream 100% Lanolin like the one above. I thought to myself if Lanolin works really well for cracked nipples, imagine what it does for the lips. So I gave it a go and much to my surprise on the recommendation of this particular nipple cream, it boasts that women also use it all over their body in dry areas and to moisturise their lips. So It’s not that weird after all and it works. It is 100% natural, no colour or perfume and no preservatives or chemicals. The Nipple cream is often used by women breastfeeding and who feel sore. 

Natural Moisturising Factors and Hyaluronic Acid for Skin

The Ordinary (£5.00) from Asos

2018 went crazy with the launch of skin care products containing Hyaluronic Acid and its claim to hydrate skin. Hyaluronic Acid contrary to its name is not harsh on the skin, it is, in fact, the complete opposite. It is a moisture-binding ingredient that keeps skin looking plump and hydrated. This particular cream by The Ordinary is made of compounds that are naturally present in the skin, which keep the outer layer of the skin protected and hydrated. It contains no oils, silicones or alcohol.

St. Ives Scrub for Skin

St. Ives Blemish Fighting Apricot Scrub (£4.19) from Boots

We’re continuously told to reduce the number of times we scrub our skin in winter, due to the harsh weather, scrubbing the skin will only further dry it out. Which is true however I feel it is still essential to scrub the skin a couple of times a week during the winter. In my theory, if you don’t scrub, dry and shedding skin will build-up and applying moisturiser on top of that can cause further problems, such as blocked pores and a grey cast to the skin. After scrubbing it is essential to apply a hydrating moisturiser like The Ordinary, one that will protect and hold moisture in the skin.

Water for everything

Water from the tap or supermarket if you’re that bougie

Yes I know you have been told this your entire life, it is the first remedy that anyone advices for any skin ailment. It is drilled into our minds as soon as that first pimple appears as if it’s not possible for anything else to cause havoc on our skin. Multiple factors have an effect on our skin from environmental factors to deficiencies within our bodies. Assuming you are a healthy person internally, water can definitely make a difference. Now I am not saying go drink eight glasses of water because how is it possible that we are all different shapes and sizes, yet the eight glass rule applies to all.  

In winter our skin is not only subject to dryness due to the cold weather but also when we are indoors, with heating on constantly we are further dehydrating our skin.  Which is why it is so important to hydrate our skin from the inside out, now you’re thinking but how much water? The rule I find that works best for me is to drink water when I first wake up and to have a glass every couple of hours, I don’t really count what I am drinking. If after having a good portion meal you still feel hungry then that is thirst, not hunger. You don’t have to be panting after a workout or drying out in the sun to feel thirst, thirst in winter feels a little different and once you realise it is thirst you’ll know, trust me.

Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier (£49.99) from Argos

Carrying on from hydration, this winter I invested in the following humidifier and trust me it made a world of a difference to my scalp and skin. After so many years I am not longer itching my scalp like a crazy chimpanzee. As I mentioned before indoor heating dries up our environment reducing moisture levels in the air, which further contributes to drying out our hair and skin.  A humidifier adds moisture back into the air, helping our scalp and skin stay moisturised.

TIP: A cold mist humidifier uses a lot less energy

I hope you have a happy winter with these tips. 

Farah Hameed

Farah Hameed

Farah Hameed is passionate about challenging societies biased norms and empowering women and men. She doesn’t live her life in colour, its either black or white with grey areas. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a keen interest of hers, by having a healthy mind and body one can function optimally. IG: @fara.hmd