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Poetry: Lofty Dreams

by in Soul on 13th January, 2019

Lofty Dreams

I sit in a field,

beneath a splendid sky.

It stretches far beyond

what my eyes can see,

and is held aloft

by The Most Glorified God.

Blades of grass

tickle my fingers,

the sun’s gentle warmth

caresses me,

as I lift my heart

and dream.

As my dreams

turn bold,

clouds roll in,

and I begin to hear

the whispers

of doubt and fear.

Who am I,

to dare to dream,

to even hope to fly?

Taking charge is scary.

If I miss the mark everything could

come crashing down.

I turn my face up,

consider the sky again,

and my Lord who holds it aloft.

My hands upturned and open,

I decide to trust.

Don’t I know my Rabb,

who holds this sky overhead,

Can hoist my dreams up high

beyond what my mind

can envision.

I could soar

on the wings of

lofty dreams,

I could thrive.

And should I fall,

where else would I

find better security

than trusting in my Rabb.

A lesson learned,

A dream much wiser,

experience teaches

surer footing.

I stand up,


and begin my ascent

to lofty dreams.

I am one step closer to soaring.

Azeezat Aboderin

Azeezat Aboderin

Azeezat A B Aboderin is in love with the sky and The One who built it. She chooses to believe that all of her life’s experiences are opportunities to turn her eyes skywards and remember her Lord. She spends a lot of time playing with her children who she describes as forces for change in the world. But adores time to recharge by herself outside, or inside, but always with a good book. Azeezat is the knitter behind “ . You can connect with her on Instagram and @finewordsweave