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Independent Review of Prevent Announced by Minister Ben Wallace

by in World on 23rd January, 2019

An independent review of Prevent was announced by Security Minister Ben Wallace today at the House of Commons, the government’s counter-terrorism strategy that sought to prevent radicalisation, will see an independent review, he asked critics to bring evidence.

“I have decided that the time is now right to initiate a review of Prevent. Communities across the country have got behind the policy and are contributing to it because they want, as we do, their own young people to be protected from grooming and exploitation by terrorists.”

The strategy has been criticised due to the impact on freedom of speech as it is a legal requirement for bodies like Universities and Hospitals to report those they think may be at risk of turning to radicalisation, some have stated that it fosters racial profiling of Muslims. Wallace also went on to say:

That Home Office statistics “show that Prevent is not about out any particular group or ideology but is similar to other forms of safeguarding carried out every day by social workers, teachers and police.”

He added: “This review should expect those critics of Prevent, who often use distortions and spin, to produce solid evidence of their allegations.”

Parliament’s joint committee on human rights and the Muslim Council of Britain along with Universities and organisations have continually called for a review of the strategy.  Muslim Council of Britain issued a statement today.

Many Civil liberties and human rights organisations have welcomed the move

“The need for a full and transparent independent review of Prevent has been clear from the outset,” said Adriana Edmeades Jones, Legal and Policy Director of Rights Watch (UK).

Selina Bakkar

Selina Bakkar

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