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Uyghur Atlas, the T-Shirt Brand Raising Awareness and Funds for the Uyghur Muslims

by in World on 24th January, 2019

The plight of the Uyghur Muslims has been raised for some time, whilst direct access to the country and thus the plight of our brothers and sisters current situation is restricted, stories, accounts, and reports exist. Relatives of those affected have also shared their stories on missing family members and treatment of them.

Amaliah began raising awareness last year through written articles, highlighting it on our podcasts and videos but we also realised beyond raising awareness and signing petitions there seemed to be little we could highlight in the way of action, keeping this in mind, we’ve come across a group of friends in Australia who came together to raise awareness of the plight of their friends and family in China facing such persecution. They have started a T-shirt brand which aims to raise awareness and money for advocacy work.

Uyghur Atlas have explained why they started and have explained that all profits will go to “World Uyghur Congress.”

“So we started Uyghur Atlas. A way to celebrate Uyghur culture and sustainably raise money for a cause we care about. 100% of profits are donated to World Uyghur Congress.

Our intention is to:

  1. Spread awareness on the realities of the Uyghur situation

  2. Share an important part of Uyghur culture with you – the atlas pattern

  3. Raise money to support the crucial advocacy work of the World Uyghur Congress”

The print visible on the front of the Uyghur Atlas T-shirts can be seen below, Atlas print itself is part of the heritage of the Uyghur Muslims and they are prized for their bursts of color and patterns, the lightness of the fabric is also perfect for the weather in China.

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