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Quebec Passes a Law Which Bans Public Servants From Wearing Symbols Such as the Kippah, Turban, or Hijab

by in World on 21st June, 2019

June 2018

Quebec has just passed a new law that bans public servants from wearing symbols such as the kippah, turban, or hijab when at work. Public servants such as police officers, teachers

Jolin-Barrette who has been described as the architect on the bill as he raised it 11 years ago said “After 11 years it was time to act,”  and “At last the government is acting in the name of Quebecers.”

The law also includes that employees within the ministry can be subject to disciplinary measures or measures already included under the terms of their working conditions.

The bill is seen as divisive as it clearly makes it more difficult for religious minorities across many faiths.

February 2018

We have added the latest updates on the policy above this story as the bill was officially passed Quebec legislators voted 73-35 to bring into Bill 21 in that bans some public servants from wearing religious symbols.

Last year worrying reports were leaked to the media which outlined plans on Quebec restricting religious based clothing for public employees. The plans even came with pictograms of the dos and don’ts for Sikhs, Jews, and Muslims along with Christians wearing cross pendants. This year the plans have made  headway and the government is preparing to introduce the legislation, as the move comes to fruition Isabelle Charest the Women’s Minister in Quebec said the headscarf “is not something that women should be wearing.” She believes women should not wear the garment and objects to it because it represents a command for women to cover themselves.

Charest was elected in October 2018, she is also the Junior Education Minister and a former Olympic Short-track speed skater.

Current opposition leader Pierre Archand has called for more tolerance and is in favour of freedom of choice. Others have commented that comments like this only lead to division and target visibly Muslim women.

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