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The Muslim Community Come Together for Cadet

by in World on 9th February, 2019

Muslim Twitter has come together to build well for Cadet (Blaine Abdul Cameron Johnson) who tragically passed away on Saturday morning, 9th Feb, news broke that rapper Cadet, had tragically passed away in a road traffic accident whilst in a taxi on the way to a performance. The initial message of his passing was shared on Instagram.

Shock, sadness, and duas spread both online and offline with cousins Krept & Konan sharing their disbelief publically and attendees of an MCB event recited Surah Iklas for him.

Soon after the news and initial reactions, Muslim twitter began to debate if we should be sharing his music or not. Some wanted to “prevent Cadet from gaining sins” whilst others thought it was insensitive to his family and friends, however, one tweeter Nimat decided to go above the debate and took the initiative to suggest
“I think it’d be nice if the muslamics got together and fundraised for a well for cadet”
A Go Fund Me page was then shortly later set up, the building of the well in his name is an act of Sadaqa Jariya for him. The target has already been surpassed.
Sadaqa Jariya Definition: “When a person dies, all their deeds end, except three: Sadaqa Jariya (a continuing charity), beneficial knowledge and a child who prays for them.” (Hadith of the Prophet peace be upon him) Sadaqah Jariyah is a special charitable act which continues to benefit us even when we have passed from this world.

Many gathered in Hyde Park over the weekend and his mother expressed how happy she was at his achievements. She stood strong and spoke words of encouragement whilst requesting that everyone release any anger they are holding. She spoke of how proud she was of him in front of the substantial crowds that gathered, balloons were released on the day too.

The community continues to pay their respects through messages and videos online. Inna lilahi wa inna illahi rajioon. Ameen. We wish him and his family ease Insha Allah.

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