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Announcement: Amaliah Have Acquired Halal Gems

by in Identity on 11th February, 2019

    Co-founders of Amaliah: Nafisa Bakkar, Selina Bakkar and founder of Halal Gems: Zohra Khaku

Asalamualaikum and hey!

Short story:  It’s been over a year since we unveiled a new Amaliah to the world. Today, we’ve acquired Halal Gems, a halal food discovery platform. It means Amaliah are now running Halal Gems and bringing you the next edition of Street Eats.

Long Story:

At Amaliah we have always believed in collaboration over competition. Today we are grateful, Alhamdulillah, and proud to be sharing the news that we have acquired Halal Gems, a halal food discovery platform, under the Amaliah brand. 

Meet the new team at our very first event #Streeteatsfest 2019 which is being held in Spitalfields, Liverpool Street, London

Three years ago we started Amaliah as a place to curate the best in modest fashion. A year after, we expanded on our work and relaunched Amaliah as the media company you know now today. Seeking to amplify the voices of Muslim women, we now have a community of over 300 Muslim women contributing across articles, podcasts, videos, and events. We have always been passionate about documenting and highlighting stories of Muslim women, as well as shaping the experiences of Muslims in today’s world.

Why Halal Gems?

Halal Gems curate restaurants, travel foodie guides and launched Street Eats. Over the last few years Zohra Khaku, founder and CEO of Halal Gems, and her strong team have built a brand that is passionate about creating conversations about what we’re all eating.

Bringing Halal Gems under Amaliah means we get to connect with more Muslims around the world. Our ambition with Halal Gems is to become a place that not only helps to curate and recommend incredible food, travel, and entertainment experiences but also gives us the opportunity to shape and create experiences starting with Halal Gems’ flagship food festival, Street Eats. Street Eats is one of the most visited food festivals in London seeing over 75,000 people attend over the last two years. This year we will be bringing you the next edition of Street Eats, stay tuned for updates. 

“The Halal Gems team have done some great things, and I’m grateful for the journey it has taken us all on so far. The Amaliah team bring their own insight and expertise which will take the company to the next level, increasing its ambitions and capabilities, while staying true to its purpose. I’m looking forward to seeing it flourish.” – Zohra Khaku, Founder & CEO of Halal Gems

“We have always respected Zohra’s approach to business and the team behind Halal Gems. She was one of the first people we turned to for advice when we started Amaliah over 3 years ago. We look forward to building on the relationship and meeting the Halal Gems community!” – Selina Bakkar, Co-founder and COO at Amaliah

What’s Next?

You will still find Halal Gems over on, you can expect to see more food and travel content on and enriching offline experiences.

“We are incredibly proud to be able to announce this milestone, our ambition with Halal Gems is to become a place that not only helps to curate and recommend incredible food, travel and entertainment experiences, but also gives us the opportunity to shape and create experiences. Experiences that are inclusive are often hard to come by and we will be working to create these moments for our communities.” – Nafisa Bakkar, Co-founder and CEO of Amaliah  

We would like to take this opportunity to say Salaam to the Halal Gems community, we look forward to getting to know you all and welcome to Amaliah for those new to us!

Write for Halal Gems with Amaliah

If you’re a foodie or travel writer – get in touch with us as we’re looking for features on Halal Gems.

Alhamdulillah and thank you as always to our communities for all the support over the years in helping us reach this milestone.

If you would like to become a foodie or travel writer get in touch with us via email through [email protected] and title the email HG reviews

If you have press inquiries, partnerships or collaborations you would like to discuss, get in touch with us at [email protected]



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