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Wearing the Hijab Today Was a Simple Gesture of Support for Our Muslim Communities Grieving

by in Identity on 22nd March, 2019

Image: Anne Cornish

Jacinda Arden, PM of New Zealand has been seen wearing a hijab through the week in response to what happened at Al-Noor mosque last jummah in New Zealand, it has been viewed by some as an act of solidarity. As the first Jummah since the attack came in, organisers from the group Headscarf for Harmony launched an initiative calling people to wear hijabs to show solidarity with the Muslim community. The social media campaign began to gain traction and has resulted in Tv anchors and New Zealanders donning the hijab, with one Twitter account relaying:

“Wearing the hijab today as a simple gesture of support for our Muslim communities grieving the loss of 50 amazing mothers, fathers, children, friends and colleagues in the terrorist attack last Friday.

Not everyone agrees that the step will bring change and we earlier published an article by Fatima and Shereen who explained why Wearing a Hijab for a Few Hours Will Not Eradicate Islamophobia, We Need to Confront White Supremacy

“This perpetuates stereotypical images of what it means to be a Muslim woman, reducing our experiences and identities to the fabric on our heads that one can slip into to show ‘solidarity’ if and when they choose to.”

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