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Does History Sit on Our Plates? We Talk Food & Heritage at #Streeteatsfest

by in Identity on 17th April, 2019

When I think about my own history and how I translate it to my children, often the two things that come to mind are language and food, I have a strong bond with my own heritage because I have a fond appreciation and understanding of both. I have tried to share my personal heritage with them through these mediums, food has undoubtedly been the strongest way they connect.

With the diaspora that lives in the UK often our history lies in the food that we eat, at the tips of our fingers and tongues as I often like to say! You know, that special dessert at Eid, the family favourites on the weekend or that special tea that gives you all the feels of a place that may feel like home. Whatever your favourite food or drink is, everything has a story, a beginning, we will be taking a walk through the food & heritage of three women at #streeteatsfest. 

Many of the vendors at street eats are friends and family selling foods from their country of origin, with some adding their British identity to each mouthful and others remaining fiercely authentic. So when you take a bite into whatever you choose to eat or drink on the day, remember that your also part of keeping a culture alive and appreciated, perhaps we are all food historians in some way!

Written by Selina Bakkar & Najwa  of Female Muslim Creatives

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