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5 Reasons Boris’s Language Is Dangerous & Divisive

by in World on 11th November, 2019

As Boris launches his leadership campaign many begin to look back at the comments he has made about and against Muslim women, Black men and women as well as Gay people. Beth Rigby questions Boris Johnson on his description of veiled Muslim Women as “veiled letterboxes and bank robbers” as well as going on to outline many of his former colleagues believe he is not fit to be Prime Minister.

He goes on to respond:

“Occasionally some plaster comes off the ceiling as a result of a phrase I may have used, or indeed as a result of how that phrase has been wrenched out of context and interpreted by those who wish for reasons of their own to caricature my views,” he said on Wednesday.

“But I think it is vital that we as politicians remember that one of the reasons why the public feels alienated now from us all as a breed – politicians – is because too often they feel we are muffling and veiling our language, not speaking as we find, covering everything up in bureaucratic platitudes, when what they want to hear is what we genuinely think.”

  1. Normalises Bigotry

2. Continues to divide the country

3. Separates Muslim women from the British Public

4. Contributes to Islamophobia and thus more Muslim women are made to feel unsafe

5. Enables other Politicians to share & support the dehumanisation of Muslim Women

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