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This Group of Muslims Have Set up Their Own Patrol Service in New York to Protect Muslims and Their Neighbours

by in World on 25th June, 2019

On hearing of the recent New Zealand attacks on Muslim worshippers earlier this year, there were heightened fears amongst the Muslim community worldwide, especially those who attend mosques, Islamic community centers, and Islamic schools. Many of us began to share tips on how to stay vigilant and naturally some expressed their fear of attending mosques. A group of Muslims in Brooklyn have gone ten steps further and started a community-led initiative called Muslim Crime Patrol Services. What’s caught the attention of the media and public is the likeness of their patrol car to NYPD patrol cars.

The group share on both Instagram and Twitter that their objective is:

“To promote the safety and well-being of all residents of the neighboring communities. Feeding the homeless every Friday! to learn more”

The self-funded community group offers training for community members interested in supporting the group as well as a homeless food drive on Fridays for the local community.

Selina Bakkar

Selina Bakkar

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