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Poll of Conservative Members Find 40% Want a Limit on the Number of Muslims Entering the Country

by in World on 26th June, 2019

A recent YouGov poll conducted by anti-racist campaign group Hope Not Hate confirms that there is widespread Islamophobia among Conservative Party members, whilst 79% of Conservative members believe no inquiry is needed to investigate Islamophobia in the party, 43% of Conservative Party members reveal that they “would prefer to not have the country led by a Muslim,” and a further 67% believe Shariah law operates in parts of the UK.

The sample size of 864 adults was undertaken between the  14th – 18th June 2019 by Hope not Hate. The group has called on:

“Boris Johnson and Michael Gove/Jeremy Hunt to show leadership by publicly and unambiguously committing to tackle this issue. They can do this by:

  1. Publicly acknowledging that there is a problem with Islamophobia in the Conservative Party
  2. Publicly commit to tackling it as the leader
  3. Establish an independent body to investigate Islamophobia in the party
  4. Agree to publish the definition of Islamophobia the party will use
  5. Agree to transparency in all disciplinary procedures”

Source: view the full report here

The poll also shockingly reveals some sentiments seem to mirror the Muslim Ban in the USA with 40% of Conservative Party members wanting limits on the number of people of the Islamic faith entering the country.

Anti-racist activist based in Birmingham Zarah Sultana comments:

“The findings come as no surprise; we have long witnessed Islamophobia from figures and activists at all echelons of the party – whom if ever disciplined for it are done so begrudgingly, and belatedly.

Though the Conservatives may seem like a party living in distant history, in terms of racism they are very much one with the times.

They have presided over the ever-increasing institutionalisation of Islamophobia in society whilst steamrolling over the APPG’s definition of the term – and Boris Johnson’s statements on niqabi women matter precisely because they were calculated for an existing audience.

Even Sajid Javid’s apparent newfound enthusiasm for challenging Islamophobia will do nothing to change the facts on the ground – the Conservative Party is the party of racism.”

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