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#Srebrenica 25 Years Later We Mourn the Loss of Sons, Brothers, Fathers and Husbands

by in World on 11th July, 2019

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Today, 11 of July 2019 we’ve seen many around the world mark 24 years since 8,372 Muslim men and boys were murdered in a genocide that took place at Srebrenica, Bosnia, at the hands of Serbia’s military. The victims who were systematically and brutally killed were men and boys from the age of 7 years old to 70 years old. At the time a civil war had been going on for about 3 years. It is recorded as the largest and most significant atrocity since World War II.

The effects are still felt by communities in Bosnia especially the women, the mothers, daughters of the deceased along with their families.

The flower often seen during the week is symbolic. The white signifies the innocence of the Bosnian people and the green for hope and there are 11 petals on the flower to mark the date.

One thought that has occupied me as I write and read about our brothers and sisters in Bosnia is the plight of Muslims in China, Rohingya and Central African Republic. May Allah grant them all ease and the families of Srebrenica comfort that their loved ones will be granted Jannah Insha Allah. Ameen

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Today marks the 24th anniversary of the Srebrenica massacre, the worst mass killing in Europe since World War II. Ive been on the anniversaries for three years in a row since 2016 but this year I couldn’t make it due to duty. I only knew about Srebrenica massacre in 2015 and ever since I have been connected unknowingly, exposing and sharing to those in need to know. . For this year, relatives of the more than 8,000 Bosnian Muslim men and boys killed by Bosnian Serb troops were among those attending a ceremony at a memorial site that included the burial of 33 newly identified victims of the July 11-22, 1995 massacre. . More than 1,000 are still considered missing from the mass slaughter during the Bosnian civil war. Many victims were ambushed along forest routes while fleeing Srebrenica in scorching heat without food or water. They were either shot on the spot, or taken to collective centers where they were executed and thrown into mass graves. . Nura Begovic was burying the remains of her brother, who was identified through his hand bone. “I spent 24 years looking for his body and I only found one bone," she said. "But today, both I and my family have found peace." . Even though I didn’t go to Srebrenica today but I did when to a special place in the Igman mountains. Igman’s defense was the paradigm of the defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and at that time on this place, soldiers of Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina started to build mosque, who will after the war become famous as The Igman War Mosque. . This mosque was built from the soldiers on their own initiative, in pauses between regular defense missions. For soldiers this mosque was the meaning and the truth of life, and not only the place where they practice prayer, but it was also the spiritual basis for the survival of the entire people, and a witness to its historical duration. . #neverforgetsrebrenica #igman #bosniaherzegovina #routexplorers #wanderlust #adventurer #backpacking #shoestringbudget #srebrenica

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