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Tributes Pour Out for Hodan Nalayeh and Her Positive Light Is Remembered

by in World on 14th July, 2019

As news of Hodan Nalayeh’s death began to spread, Muslim women across the world began to share their grief, from mentees, advisors, friends and supporters who had met or interacted with Hodan. Every single account expressed the beauty of her character and positivity, with many commenting that she was often seen smiling. A positive light, a journalist who told a positive story of Somalia that didn’t widely exist. Hodan had shared with CNN that her role was appointed by Allah and she would show the world Somalia in it’s entirety. She was also praised for helping Somali diaspora re-connect with Somalia positively.

“I did not need anyone to hire me when Allah hired me for the job.” 

– Hodan Nalayeh

She was born in Somalia and spent most of her life in Toronto, Canada, but returned to Somalia with a conscious mission. She wanted to inspire the global Somali population and others with uplifting stories, she did. She encouraged people to see the abundance in the land, from the waterways: sea and rivers and the farmland and would share her own journey to connecting with the land, social media was her medium and she shared videos and images through both Instagram and Twiter, she also launched Integration TV.

Nalayeh, 43 was murdered in a terrorist attack with 26 others, her husband. Farid Jama Sulaiman was with her at the time, along people of various backgrounds, some Kenyan, Tanzanian, American and British. A handful of gunmen are said to have stormed Asasey Hotel after a suicide bomber detonated explosives in a vehicle outside the hotel in Kismayo. She had recently shared her appreciation of the fishing in the area. (see above)

Tributes continue to be shared across Twitter and Instagram as well as the surfacing of her work.

Inna lilahi wa inna illahi rajioon.

Selina Bakkar

Selina Bakkar

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