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Amaliah Community: Skin Care Tips Recommended by Ayaan

by in Beauty & Makeup on 18th July, 2019

We all have different skin and hacks that work for us, we are going to be sharing skincare tips from the Amaliah community over the next few weeks. We kick off with Ayaan otherwise known as @onlyayaan on Twitter who has oily/combination skin.

We asked her about skincare and she came back with two products she loves and they are simple too!

If you’d like to feature in this segment just email with your fav products, hacks or tips along with your skin type and name, a social media handle is always handy too!

Simple Water Boost Skin Quench Sleeping Cream

I use this every other night and wake up in the morning with a moisturised face but it doesn’t feel oily!

Kind to Skin Soothing Facial Toner

I use this toner but to be honest any toner will do the job! Simply get a cotton pad, soak it in toner and apply all over your face and neck about 3-5 times a week every time you cleanse basically. 

Amaliah Glo'

Amaliah Glo'

We share tips, hacks, and products receommended by the Amaliah community across the world. We all have different skin, hair and nails so we want to cover tried and tested methods used by Muslim Women in the community.