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The Netherlands Enforce a Full Burqa Ban in Public Spaces

by in World on 1st August, 2019

The Dutch government in the Netherlands has today passed a burqa ban. The controversial law means than the estimated 200-400 Muslim women  (there are no official figures available) will be affected. Those that observe the burqa are being forced to adhere to the law in public places which span across public transport links, schools, hospitals and places of work, or face a penalty of €150. Exemptions apply only in mosques, other religious buildings and for women travelling through the International Dutch airports. The ban also applies to balaclavas and full-face helmets.

Some police, hospital, and public transport officials have expressed that they won’t enforce the new law, a spokesman of the public transport sector Pedro Peters told the AD newspaper.

“The police told us they will not attend incidents on a train, bus or metro within half an hour so that means we would be stuck. The service cannot be interrupted.”

In Parliament, Dutch cabinet ministers have previously asserted that the burqa does “not fit into our open society and women must participate fully.” Geert Wilders, the anti-Islam politician who has previously run for the prime minister and lost by a significant margin in 2017, has been pushing for the ban for 10 years. In 2010, 9 years ago he shared with Dutch Parliament,

 “The message, ‘stop Islam, defend freedom’, is a message that’s not only important for the Netherlands but for the whole free Western world”.

Wilders’ pinned tweet reminds everyone of the commencement of the law along with the hashtags #boerkaverbod (Burqa Ban) and #stopislam. He recently tweeted this Islamophobic message:

What’s been shocking and dangerous is the Islamophobic rhetoric around the ban from both Dutch media and cabinet ministers. Senator Marjolein Faber-Van de Klashorst who is in Wilders’ party called it:

“…a historical day because this is the first step to de-Islamize the Netherlands. This is the first step and the next step is to close all the mosques in the Netherlands,” she said, building on Wilders’ anti-Islam rhetoric,” according to the Associated Press.

 A Dutch newspaper has also encouraged citizens to hold women down or hold citizens arrest.

Other’s who agree that the ban is wrong along with Islamophobes expressing their opinions

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