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Kashmir: A Simple Twitter Thread Explaining Article 370

by in World on 5th August, 2019

As news reports began to surface about India’s recent action against Kashmir, we all heard that Article 370 had been scrapped which means Kashmir is stripped of special status, the status  allows the predominantly Muslim state to have autonomy in a number of areas. The action was also accompanied by a media black out which saw a shut down across telecoms and media.

Former Chief Minister Mehboob Mufti told the BBC she felt there was a “sinister design” to the decision.

“They just want to occupy our land and want to make this Muslim-majority state like any other state and reduce us to a minority and disempower us totally.”

Hafsa Matto took to twitter to explain what the scrapping of Article 370 actually means. Others have also taken to Twitter to share their concerns over the action, history and

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