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by in Beauty & Makeup on 11th October, 2019

Believe it or not, the first podcast we ever recorded never made the cut, in fact about three have never seen the light of day. We entered studios trying to gift you something beneficial, purposeful and real. We engineered all sorts of formats but ultimately myself and Nafisa just had to meet the mic and you with honesty. This is when, with hesitation, episode one “Life Before Amaliah” was released.

After receiving warm feedback from you all, we launched Two Sense, hosted by Sara Amin, who you may know for her incredibly soothing voice and presence. We’ve tried to always challenge ourselves and bring discussions into the arena that challenge us personally and make us reflect. There’s definitely been a few laughs, errors and I’m positive we’ve all said things we may regret, but honesty in the moment can do that. If you haven’t heard about “aubergine gate” then head over to this Marriage special.

This year saw a turn in what we surfaced, sharing our opinions and thoughts wasn’t enough, we had to amplify the voices of Muslim Women in the community and with that saw the release of the Small Talk series and our brand new Lights on series featuring Angelica Lindsey-Ali  .

Thank you once again to everyone who has featured, for their honesty and sharing an experience that others may relate to or can understand. The podcasts don’t necessarily exists for us to disagree or agree, but to understand, because these are real, lived experiences of Muslim women.

If you’re wondering what all this is about then start listening to the podcasts here or on your fave podcasting app. If you’ve enjoyed listening to the podcasts please do continue to support us, leave us ratings and send us feedback.

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   1.Nafisa & Selina interviewed…

Life Before Amaliah

    2. Two Sense

TWO SENSE | The Downfall Of Millionaire Mindset & The Sinister Reality of Avocado Farms

TWO SENSE |The Trials Of Contraception & The Wider Conversation On Self Care

TWO SENSE | Immigrant Parent Trauma & The Myth Of Power Dressing

TWO SENSE | Halal Mortgages & Dragging Culture In The Muslim Community

TWO SENSE | Unravelling Fast Fashion & The Plight of Uyghur Muslims

TWO SENSE | The Spiritual Ills of Dubai & Amaliah’s First Film Premiere

TWO SENSE | Living Your Best Life In Wakanda At Age 88

TWO SENSE | Micro-Aggressions, Talaiba & Uber Saving The World

TWO SENSE | Street Eats Fest, The Notre Dame & The Terms Muslims Exist On

TWO SENSE | Rating The Dawah Movement & Hitting Ramadan Highs

TWO SENSE | The Art of Planning & Wise Words From Brother Stormzy

TWO SENSE | Elitist Ethical Living & Visiting A 200 Year Old British Muslim Graveyard

TWO SENSE | Spirituality & Mental Health and Selina’s UKIP Neighbour

TWO SENSE *SPECIAL* | “…and we made you in pairs.”; Marriage In The Muslim Community

    3. Lights On

Lights On, With Angelica Lindsey-Ali | Ep #1

   4. Small Talk with…

The De-humanisation of Muslims & Why Islamophobia Isn’t A Phobia | SMALL TALK WITH SUHAIYMAH.M.KHAN

Can Muslims exist consciously in a capitalist world? | SMALL TALK WITH HODA KATEBI

Islam As A Sex Positive Religion & Shaming Female Pleasure | SMALL TALK WITH ANGELICA LINDSEY-ALI

5. LIVE Event recording: Amaliah & Halal Gems at Street Eats 2019

What’s Food Got To Do With Heritage? | A #STREETEATSFEST SPECIAL

Selina Bakkar

Selina Bakkar

I'm a simply striving to be better and improve in different areas of my life through more self awareness, experiences and learning more about the deen. You'll find me talking about community, connection, planting & growing, seeking the truth in an age of propaganda and misinformation. This year I want to document more to do with food heritage and history so watch this space or reach out. Have a listen to the Amaliah Voices podcast where I talk passionately about Islam, nature, motherhooding and back home. Link in bio peeps. To join the Amaliah Writer Community email me at IG: SelinaBakkar