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Vogue Accused of Glamourising the Work of Counter Terrorism Workers

by in Identity on 4th November, 2019

A recent article published by British Vogue was called out for glamourising the work of those working in counter terrorism, the article titled  “The Women At The Forefront Of The Fight Against Extremism”.

The article published on the 12th of October was also timely as the conversation around the governments approach to counter-terrorism intensifies.

The article features Yasmin Green, Nikita Malik and Sara Khan presenting them as women who are keeping the UK safe. The article has received some backlash from the Muslim community, with Shereen Fernandez outlining why the article glamourises counter-terrorism work and initiatives that have divided communities. In the article Sara Khan states:

“If we empower women to challenge extremism, you will see a shift in our society. Women are the backbone. They can see if their children are being radicalised, they are often the first to see there’s something wrong,”

Fernandez raises that:

“The article ends with this same old problematic trope about women; they are more able to spot radicalisation because they are mothers. This doesn’t empower women. Instead it places unnecessary burdens on them, especially Muslim women.”

Below are a thread of tweets from Fernandez and others in the Muslim community.

Amaliah Anonymous

Amaliah Anonymous

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