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Ohio High School Athletic Association Rules Their Actions “Wrong” in Disqualification of a Runner Wearing Hijab

by in Identity on 28th October, 2019

A day of two tales evolved last week, for two Muslim women in sports, both with separate stories but one theme; the hijab. As a video emerged of one of the Muslim women adjusting her hijab frantically after it was accidentally pulled back during her football match teammates from the competing team quickly spotted her struggle, ran over and circled her so to give her privacy.

The same day the hashtag with #WeStandWithNoor, #IStandWithNoor, and #LetNoorRun began to fill Twitter and Facebook as news broke that 16-year-old Noor Alexandria Abukaram was disqualified by  Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) last weekend because of wearing her hijab.

She was informed not directly by the Association but by her teammates, in addition, she could not find her name on the results sheet despite coming first and achieving her PB. In a video by TRT World below she shares “ felt like getting hit by a truck…”. Noor not only took part but won the 5 k and has been competing for a number of years.

Noor has been supported by fencer Ibtihaj Mohammad who stated:

“These bigots have to be stopped.”

Along with Shireen Ahmed, prominent Sports Activist & Consultant.

Many other Muslim women in sports have supported her through the last few days too.

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Shame on you Ohio High School Athletic Association (@ohsaasports) for disqualifying cross country athlete Noor Abukaram from a district meet because she was wearing hijab. Most people don’t realize the hurdles we have to jump over as hijabi athletes just for the same opportunities to compete like everyone else. My sister Faizah and I were often targeted by NJSIAA officials and coaches, who would try to use small loop holes in the rule book to ban us from competing in hijab. These bigots have to be stopped. Sports should be a place where everyone has the right to play. Noor, your journey is bigger than track, just as my journey was bigger than fencing. We’re riding with you till the end! #LetNoorRun 🧕🏽✊🏽

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The association has since responded as per the tweet by OHSAA Executive Director Jerry Snodgrass where they express the rule is wrong and they will ensure it doesn’t happen again.

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