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Vitamin K Is the Secret to Combating Winter Skin Blues…

by in Beauty & Makeup on 13th November, 2019

vitamin k skincare

We’ve been talking a lot about getting your glow on here at Amaliah, and while it’s definitely doable to achieve glowing skin at any time of the year, we can’t ignore that the winter season brings with it some harsher conditions that can take a toll on the most exposed parts of our skin during this time, our faces and our hands! Most people can expect to experience some degree of dryness/flakiness, as well as uneven skin-tone, the worsening of skin conditions such as rosacea and psoriasis/eczema, and lastly something that we’re going to focus on specifically here, broken capillaries.

The climate plays a huge role in how well your skin is performing. Harsh winds and very cold temperatures can wreak havoc on all skin types, especially fragile and sensitive skin, which means that you must protect it with the same ferocity that you would in 30 degree heat and sunlight during the summer season.

If you have thin, fragile skin, the chances are that you are prone to capillary breakage is quite high. If you don’t currently, ageing can make your skin susceptible to capillary breakage, so it’s always worth doing your bit to put those preventative measures in place.

What are broken capillaries?

Underneath our skin, we have an absolutely massive network of veins and arteries that feed our organs (including our biggest – the skin) with the nutrients they need to perform their best. In some, perhaps those who are prone to inflammation (causes can be diet, genetics etc.), the tiny capillaries that are part of this network, burst, and this can be for a variety of reasons. In some (those whose skin is a little thin for example) when capillaries burst or dilate, they show up on the surface of the skin as tiny red veins. This can happen all over your body but the skin on your face happens to be the thinnest in most cases and therefore the most prone.

For some it’s not noticeable, for others it might be but doesn’t bother them, and for those it does bother, it can be a real confidence issue. It can contribute to the appearance of an uneven skin-tone or even spots, as some may not be disguised with the use of make-up. Those who suffer from rosacea for example, experience burst/broken capillaries in clusters and can give a rosey, flushed look to parts of the face (hence the name).

So, how do I protect myself from developing broken capillaries in harsh weather?

Dark circles are the cousin of broken capillaries. They are comprised of a cluster of veins under the eye that are dilated and give that blue-ish/reddish appearance to the under-eye – and I mention this only to assure you that not only are broken capillaries common, but treatable. If you already have broken capillaries that are mild-severe (like myself), laser is a good option, but vitamin K (a natural occurrent in cruciferous vegetables) is a good all round ingredient to help the strength of your skin agains the breakage of delicate skin and it’s layers. Look for Vit K in skin care serums to help target these specific issues, (it also happens to be good for pigmentation), but prevention is always better than cure!

In harsh weather conditions, cover up your face against the elements, slather it up with moisturiser and take it easy on the acids. Keep your normal routine, but make sure you’re taking extra measures against breakage and dry skin by drinking lots of water, consuming climate complementary foods (nothing damp causing – you need heat causing during winter months) and protect it with winter specific serums, like Vit K rich serums above and rich moisturisers.

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