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Your Facial Hair Removal Starter Kit

by in Beauty & Makeup on 6th February, 2020

skin careIf you’re venturing into the world of facial hair removal, we’ve compiled a list of what you can do to get the job done whilst looking after your skin! We’re not about harmful chemicals or brutal methods!

However, it’s important to say before starting, that facial hair removal is an individual choice. Many women, including myself have learned to love and embrace their facial hair, of varying lengths, colour, thickness – the lot, and I don’t punish myself if I let my tash have it’s hey-day, especially if I’ve had a distracting couple of weeks. It all depends on what you prefer, removing your facial hair is not something you should feel pressured to do by our mainstream beauty standards. If you’re daunted by the upkeep and the pain – this you’re sign that it’s really, really okay to leave it alone. You’re meant to find yourself beautiful first, and then whoever else finds you beautiful will find you beautiful with or without your lovely lil’ tash.

It’s also important to do your research on what religious Fiqh says about facial hair removal.


This is a popular and age old tradition for removing hair on the face. If you’ve ever seen it done, you might agree that it’s an underrated art form people have developed to quickly remove unwanted hair on the face and around the body – and remove it from the hair follicle root, which makes hair growth take a little longer to grow back.

Pain Threshold Scale: 8/10

Now, I’ve tried everything listed here and I’ve got quite a high pain threshold – but threading….

It’s one of the most effective hair removal processes, but that comes at a price! Although the hair is removed from the follicle instantly – it is a major pluck! And if you’re having it done, you’re at the mercy of your practitioner to get it done as quickly as possible.

Removal Tip for all methods listed: Hold your skin taught no matter what method you’ve chosen. This will make it as painless as possible, as the hair will be able to be extracted easier with taught skin.

Razor/ Facial Shaving

Yes, that’s right, shaving your face.

The method has really taken an upturn in popularity, with many professional skin care and make up experts, praising the method for both it’s hair removal and exfoliating qualities.

You don’t have to bang out a Gillette on your face – there are facial razors specially crafted for this kind of hair removal and exfoliation and you can find them everywhere, including Amazon for a small price.

Holding your skin taught and following a thorough tutorial is key here, as using the razor too often could over exfoliate your skin, or give you ingrown hairs if you’re not shaving properly.

As with any kind of exfoliation, please research your appropriate SPF use.

Pain Threshold Scale: 0/10 (if you’re in pain you’re doing something wrong!)


Plucking is my personal favourite. It was the last I arrived at as I thought the idea torturous, but it all depends on your method!

I mainly use it to get rid of my lil’ tash, which can seem like a painfully slow way to achieve the desired effect, but it’s my preferred method, as I like that it takes a little longer to grow back, and I can go at my own pace, allowing myself to medicate myself with whimpers and ice cubes in between.

Pain Threshold Scale: 7/10


Last but not least, arguably the most popular hair removal method for the entire body, waxing.

It’s favoured for it’s fairly painless and quick motion hair removal qualities. We would advise getting a practitioner to remove your facial hair if you’re trying this method for the first time, as you may make a mistake or two and end up giving yourself a wax or rip burn, or even making it more painful than it’s supposed to be!

There is a difference between hot wax and cold wax – ready made sheets are available in beauty department stores in helpful facial contour shapes to ease the waxing motion. Both are effective but it’s a matter of preference, and depends on the qualities of your hair and the skin sensitivity of the area you’re waxing.


No matter which method you choose, proper after-care is an essential part of the facial hair removal routine.

As the skin on your face is particularly sensitive, you’ll need sensitive, and kind to skin products only. Aloe Vera is often praised for it’s cooling effect on the skin, and since it’s moisturising, it’s the most perfect after-care component for your skin.

Pain Threshold Scale: 6/10

We wouldn’t advise putting make up on immediately after facial hair removal, as you have just disturbed the follicles and your skin will be inflamed. Take some time to tone, massage and calm your skin with aloe vera and do so in advance of a day or night out, so that you have time to do so – just before bed is perfect!

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