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Hazara Community Kabul, Afghanistan Targeted– Shia Muslim Mothers and Newborns Killed at Maternity Ward

by in World on 17th May, 2020

In a senseless attack in Kabul, Afghanistan around three gunmen disguised as police attacked a maternity ward based in a predominantly Hazara community in a neighborhood called Dashti Barchi, the attack on the Shia Muslim community included staff such as nurses, mothers, newborns and women at the ward. The maternity ward is run by international humanitarian organisation Doctors Without Borders.

The current reports are of 24 deaths, a remaining 80 mothers and newborns were evacuated. The attack is said to have been carried out by ISIL (ISIS) and it is not the first time the Hazara Shia community has been attacked by them. The attack included a shoot out with Police which lasted several hours from the morning.

Relatives, mainly husbands and fathers desperately sought information on their loved ones, a list was read out to confirm those that had been evacuated.

Feroza Younas rushed to the maternity center upon hearing the news and breastfed the newborns who’s mothers were killed in the attack. She has a 14-month-old herself. Many other women have since come forward to breastfeed the newborns as shared by Muslim Vibe other families have come forward to adopt the newborns too.

What Social media is sharing?

The attack is genocide

Media coverage has been low

Calls to speak up for the Hazara Shia community

Updates were also being shared on a newborn that was shot in the leg who survived.

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⚠️ viewers discretion warning ⚠️ There is absolutely no reason for division, one dies, everyone mourns. In case anyone wants to support this, and bring forth groups and minorities and other unnecessary hatred, think of your family, imagine if your mother or sister was at this hospital during a shooting, would you mourn then? It sickens me to see people stay silent, and some to the extent to support terrorism. This is a warcrime! No one deserves to die, and not one soul has the right to take someone else’s soul, no matter what background, religion you follow. Grow up. It’s really time for everyone to drop their bigotry and make dua, again there is absolutely no reason to bring any groups and sects into this. Have some shame. #prayforafghanistan #afghanistan🇦🇫 #kabulhospitalattack #prayforkabul🇦🇫🙏🏻😢 #kabulattack #hospitalattack

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