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Aya Hachem, the Muslim Student Who Became the Victim in a Drive by Shooting in Blackburn

by in World on 18th May, 2020

This article has been further edited on the 20th of May to reflect recent tweets and information on the incident. We have also chosen tweets that do not feature Aya Hachem as to respect the family.

Aya Hachem was walking to the local supermarket for her father in Blackburn Lancashire. As she walked to her local Supermarket and passed the local car wash, three men fired shots from a car. A stray bullet hit Aya, video footage shows her falling to the ground as the silver Toyota Avensis drives by.

Paramedics were called to the scene and tried to save her life but she was unresponsive. Aya was 100 meters from her home when she died. She lived with her mother Samar and dad Ismail and her three younger siblings. The family had moved to Britain from Lebanon around 6-7 years ago.

She was a student a law student at Salford University and Children’s Society charity volunteer. Aya had recently passed her second-year law exams at the University.

20th May Update on arrests

Three men who have been identified as Feroz, Suhayl, and Nadeem Suleman have been arrested on the 20th of May, days after the incident. The three men are brothers from Blackburn. They run tyre stores around Blackburn including one next to the car wash Aya was shot in front of.  Reports suggest the brothers were feuding with the car wash owners. More on the arrests on the METRO

Police believe she was an innocent bystander killed by accident as the stray bullet hit her and they have confirmed so.

Lancashire Deputy Chief Constable Terry Woods described Sunday’s 3pm shooting as an “appalling and senseless attack”.

“We believe shots have been fired from that vehicle and one of the shots has tragically hit her.

“There’s no evidence at all Aya was the intended target and every indication is that she was a completely innocent passer-by.”

More on Lancslive

Hef father Ismail Hachem shared a message on Facebook where he calls his daughter.

“My strong daughter lawyer Aya Ismail Hashem God’s mercy on your pure soul”.

We have omitted the image of Aya at the request of the family as a sign of respect, his full message can be found below:

Tributes for Aya Hachem

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