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Henna Hands – A Guide to Henna Aftercare

by in Culture & Lifestyle on 11th June, 2024

We hope you enjoyed our Henna Hands event and are now ready to celebrate Eid with your beautiful henna designs. Worried about keeping your henna intact, getting a good colour and avoiding smudges? Fear not! Here are some detailed henna aftercare instructions, including do’s and don’ts, to ensure your henna stays gorgeous for Eid.

What is Henna?

Henna is a natural plant dye which imparts a distinct reddish-brown stain on your skin when applied. It is derived from grinding the leaves of a flowering shrub (Lawsonia inermis) into a fine powder and forming a paste. The practice of applying henna is particularly significant in Muslim traditions, symbolising joy, beauty, and celebration.

Types of Henna

Henna comes in various forms and colours. The most traditional type is natural henna, which leaves a reddish-brown stain. Natural black stained Henna is called Jagua which is made from the Genipin fruit and is a fruit gel. What this means is that it goes on as a gel and then flattens as it dries.The biggest difference between the two is that Jagua is washed off the skin with soap and water. 

It’s essential to use natural henna to avoid harmful chemicals and ensure a safe application. 

Henna Aftercare Guide

Please note the difference between Jagua henna care and Brown henna.

Brown Henna Aftercare

To ensure your henna stays vibrant and lasts longer, follow these aftercare tips shared by our lovely Henna artists:

1. Before application, please ensure your hands are clean and dry, free of any moisturiser, as this can prevent the henna stain from appearing dark.

2. After application, allow the henna to dry for at least 1-2 hours. Avoid touching it to prevent smudging. 

3. Once dry, seal it with a mixture of lemon juice and sugar. You can dab this on or spray it. This helps the paste stay on longer, allowing the dye to penetrate deeper. Do not use gloves to protect the henna as it may cause smudging. Mefix medical tape and lemon and sugar spray are the only suitable protections

4. For a darker stain, try to keep your henna on overnight or as long as possible (minimum 6-8 hours). The longer the paste stays on, the deeper the colour will be. 

5. You can also keep your hands warm for best results, as henna loves heat! 

6. Keep your henna away from water for the first 24 hours. Apply a layer of natural oil, like coconut, olive or mustard oil, to help protect the stain.

7. Do not use water to take the henna off when needed. Gently scrape the henna off as avoiding water prevents the henna from oxidising. You may use coconut oil to ease the removal.

8. Regularly apply natural oils or vapour rub to your henna design. This helps keep the skin hydrated and the henna looking fresh.

9. Stay away from exfoliating products and scrubbing, as they can fade your henna more quickly.

Please Note: 

  • Henna stains will be bright orange at first, and darken within 24-48 hours to reach peak colour results of deep reddish-brown and up to dark cherry tones.
  • When henna is scraped off, the more you avoid water, the better. The stain will stay longer and keep getting darker.

Jagua Henna Aftercare Guide

1. Before application, please ensure your hands are clean and dry, free of any moisturiser, as this can prevent the Jagua tattoo from appearing dark.

2. Allow 1 hour for the Jagua gel to completely dry.

3. For best results, leave the gel on skin for as long as possible. Minimum 3 hours is advised.

4. Jagua will stain anything it touches so please be careful and cover the area with a Mefix tape if needed once completely dry.

5. Avoid activities that cause sweating as this will cause the dye to smear.

6. Do not sleep with Jagua paste still on.

7. Apply some coconut oil, cocoa butter or beeswax before exposing your tattoo to water.

8. Remove the Jagua gel by gently scraping and washing it off with running water and soap.

9. Don’t panic! The stain is very light at first but will develop into a dark blue/black colour over the next 24-48 hours.

10. Please avoid extreme heat/steam to freshly applied Jagua gel for up to 48 hours, e.g. minimise exposure to suanas, steam rooms or jacuzzis.

11. For the first night, please wear something on your hand to cover the tattoo like a glove or sock. The colour is still developing and may print on other areas of your body if left uncovered.

12. Avoid very hot water whilst tattoo is still developing.

13. Avoid rubbing, scratching or scrubbing the tattoo area.

14. You can apply anti-perspirant to your tattoo before partaking in any activities that can cause you to perspire.

15. Please keep your body hydrated and skin moisturised.

We hope this guide helps you maintain beautiful and long-lasting henna designs for Eid. May your celebrations be filled with joy and the beautiful fragrance of Henna.

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