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The Misconceptions About Habiba Da Silva’s SKIN Collection

by in Fashion on 19th February, 2017

” Celebrating people of Colour “

Habiba Da Silva answers the questions that Social media have thrown up around her new collection of Hijabs. She covers misconceptions around the hijabs pricing, to what drove her to create the collection. She also touches upon the financing and how the ‘influencer’ effect is not long lasting. It’s evident from the vlog that she’s faced a lot of backlash but from every person who says nay there are hundreds who love the collection. A few months on and the Brand and it’s collection Skin are going strong. Habiba has been featured in Huffington Post, Teen Vogue, METRO and Vogue to name a few.

Shoutout to these AWESOME models that worked flawlessly for my promo vid ???? @sineadhunter @fraazm @01ash @owenedz @hw_1028 @aneepkh @ayushsahota And also shout out to @bamemodels ???????? #habibadasilva #habibadasilvaSKIN #habibadasilvaSKINrelaunch

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” If you can pay £40 plus pound for a coat you wear daily, I understand why a hijab costs that much, it’s a key piece of your wardrobe. I’d rather buy one that costs a little more than one at the market that frays or bubbles quickly.”

Nadia, Hackney

” She just released her first collection and it’s not easy to produce small quantities and benefit from economies of scale, if we all supported then perhaps it could happen. I think whatever she did it would have been critiqued.”

Sophia, Tooting

” I don’t understand why modest fashion is so expensive, there are abaya brands and the abayas and hijabs are just too expensive, I will never be able to afford them. “

Laila, Leicester

Habiba clears up the confusion around the brand name and collection name below.

Small reminder: my brand is Habiba Da Silva, not SKIN. SKIN is one hijab collection under my brand.

— Habiba Da Silva (@HabibaDaSilva) February 21, 2017

#habibadasilvaSKIN is back in stock! Purchase from @habibadasilva ???? @wwags #habibadasilvaSKIN #HABIBADASILVA #robthebank

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I’m so overwhelmed right now. Thank you for all the support! #habibadasilvaSKIN

— Habiba Da Silva (@HabibaDaSilva) October 15, 2016

So, I’ve been seeing a lot of Muslim girls complain about what Habiba Da Silva is doing in terms of the new hijab range.

— Ra’ifah (@RecklessRai) October 23, 2016

Say Mash’Allah… SAY IT! ❤️???????? #habibadasilvaSKIN

— ???????? (@arleth_pamela) October 15, 2016

Dopeeeee???? #habibadasilva

— Maryam Ahmad (@maryamblahblah) October 17, 2016

So proud of my sis @HabibaDaSilva on her new #habibadasilvaSKIN launch. Everyone go check it out now.

— Hibz (@Hibzx) October 15, 2016


Here’s my digital illustration of @HabibaDaSilva new hijab line #habibadasilvaSKIN ! Absolutely love this concept✊????✊????✊????✊????

— Shammila???? (@ShammilaB) October 24, 2016

I want all of @HabibaDaSilva hijabs in all colors and tones so bad, they’re so pretty. #habibadasilvaSKIN

— Seema (@Fostug) October 17, 2016

✊????✊????✊????✊???? #habibadasilvaskin

— Cindy (@CindieeDacosta) October 20, 2016

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