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12 Reactions to “I’m Muslim and I’m Not Getting a Mortgage”

by in Lifestyle on 28th June, 2018

Now that I’ve been married for over two years I increasingly get asked the question “aren’t you going to get a mortgage?”  My husband and I look at each other with that ‘here we go again smile.’ To which one of us then reply no, not at the moment. We explain that we don’t want to get a mortgage based on Islamic principles dealing with interest.

Our decision is always up for scrutiny and mostly by fellow Muslims. What I struggle with is the judgment. I’m not here to police anyone else’s intentions, I personally wouldn’t judge anyone for making the choice to get a mortgage. Ultimately everyone has very different situations and you have to do what works best for you.

Here are the 12 reactions a Muslim may hear when saying they refuse to use the M word. via GIPHY.

1. But you’re  just paying someone else’s mortgage anyway

Intention anyone?


2. But you put your money in banks 

The two are TOTALLY unrelated. That’s like saying to me ‘you don’t wear hijab so why even bother to pray.’ Did anyone hear of the concept of STRIVING? And also you can opt out of taking interest in any banks you join and do your research to try to bank with those that are most ethical. If we practiced Islam based on “but you do x anyway” then none of us would practice.

3. But religion isn’t meant to be hard 

It’s also going to be full of tests.

4. But everyone does it 

Do I have to really explain this one?

5. But there are imams who have one 

6. But there are Islamic ones 

Having looked into these and spoken to those of knowledge  I personally am still unsure if I would engage with one.


7. But there’s a fatwa saying you can get one 

8. But you pay less with a mortgage 

Yes, I am aware of the economics of how a mortgage works but I’m more concerned with engaging in interest.

9. But you won’t own the house

InshaAllah we will one day, make dua that our path is made easy for us. And if we don’t then so be it.

10. But it’s a necessity, there is no other option

There are other options which you have to have to weigh up yourself vs. your situation. Renting, flatshares, moving country, borrowing from friends/family, investing money to make more money to buy one outright. This is a very personal choice.


11. But you’re not making money from it 

Yes but we’re concerned about the interest here.

12. But you’re throwing money down the drain 

I’m not here to judge anyone who decides to get one, our situations are all very different and we all have and practice differently.

Maya Areem

Maya Areem

Maya is a teacher by day and student by night. She hopes to pass on what she learns.