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Halima Kurghali Talks About Change This Ramadan

by in Ramadan on 11th July, 2016

Halimah Kurghali of Quran Rehab

Regardless of how different our personal experiences of Ramadan are, there is one thing we all similarly encounter during this blessed month…and that’s change! We all experience changes in our eating habits, sleeping habits, in our habits of worship and more.

There are some people who take the opportunity for change to a whole new level, these people understand the fact that it only takes 21 days on average to create a new habit in order to enjoy positive long-term change, so they work hard and smart to ensure that within this month they develop themselves and their lives for the better. No doubt we all have aspects of our lives we would like to change or develop for the better and most of us probably enter into Ramadan with the intention to reap such benefit. Unfortunately the reality is that for most of us we struggle to make change stick and our habits usually fizzle away after just a short period of time.

In attempt to assist you to overcome this common failure, I have created for your this video entitled ‘Make change stick’ within which I detail the three common mistakes people make which prevent them from making their habits and any positive change stick as well as offer you my top tips on how you can avoid them to ensure that you enjoy a better life this Ramadan and make it your best Ramadan yet.


Ramadan Workbook – Make Changes Stick


Halimah is Quran coach dedicated to helping others fall in love with the Quran. She holds a degree in Islamic studies, which in combination with her qualification as a personal development coach makes her uniquely situated to help others build a meaningful relationship with the Quran. She has spoken on both the Islam channel and Ramadan Radio and has produced numerous articles, video, workshops, and coaching sessions focused on helping others build a nourishing relationship with the Quran. Additionally Halimah has a personal history with Quran memorization and recitation that began when she entered her first Quran competition at age 15.

Quran Rehab is dedicated to helping others realize the transformative power of the Quran, which is a divine gift that enables humanity to rehabilitate themselves. The Quran can provide the ultimate source of comfort and Quran Rehab documents Halimah’s personal journey through the Quran with the intention to help you with yours.

Selina Bakkar

Selina Bakkar

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