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What Should Sex Education Look Like for Muslims?

by in Identity on 28th March, 2017


The matter of sex is constantly avoided and deemed a taboo in many parts of the Muslim community. From taking students out of sex ed class to not having “the talk,” all of these factors can lead to poor sex education and lack of knowledge about our bodies!

Sex education isn’t just about contraception and secular sex education often lacks cultural sensitivity and assumes sexual activity to be predetermined or imminent. Sex education covers a range of topics from promoting sexual health to raising awareness about sexual violence.

 HEART Women & Girls are trying to combat the taboo by creating a virtual resource centre!

We believe that Muslims deserve access to accurate and culturally-sensitive sexual health information


The aim of the virtual resource centre is to provide a unique and necessary medium for Muslims to learn about their bodies, sex, and sexual assault, in a way that offers: 

Accuracy. With television, social media, and other numerous information outlets, it can be difficult to obtain accurate and relevant sexual health information. Our virtual resource centre will provide you with correct information, free from bias.  

Anonymity. We know it can hard to explore these issues, and we want to honour your privacy. Providing a virtual resource centre allows you to access sexual health information without fear of shame or blame.  

Cultural-sensitivity. Mainstream health education does not consider the faith-based and cultural values that may be important to you, your family, and community. We make every effort to offer accurate, nuanced information and guidance.

Empowerment, inspiration, & critical thinking. True change and empowered decision-making cannot be controlled or dictated. We hope to offer you the tools and support you need to feel personal agency with respect to your sexual health needs.

HEART are currently crowdfunding on launch good.

You can support the campaign here – 1 day left!

You can download their reading material here.

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