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Amaliah × 23 Code Street: Learn to Code Scholarship for Muslim Women

by in Lifestyle on 8th August, 2017

Amaliah have partnered with 23 Code Street to create a scholarship fund for Muslim women. This will allow 2 Muslim women a place on the 23 code street Part Time Web Development Foundation Course at a 50% subsidised rate.

At Amaliah we are passionate about the representation of Muslim women. We want to contribute to creating a world in which Muslim women SEE themselves.  Over the last year and a half, we have realised how lonely it can sometimes feel being a minority founder. We walk into rooms and see no one that looks like us, we question if we are there as a token gesture or if we will ever really fit in.

23 Code Street believes that diversity breeds innovation. This means gender, diversity, class, and religion. Right now, the political climate is unfairly hostile towards Muslims. This means that now, more than ever, we need Muslim representation across all industries and, especially female Muslim representation.

We believe that when our workforce accurately represents the diverse society that we live in, we will begin to see new products and services that serve all of us. Learning to code, diversity and inclusivity is a matter close to our heart at Amaliah. Our very existence is on the basis that we want more representation across the board. Amaliah was made possible because Nafisa had the opportunity to learn to code. It gave her the skills and confidence to build the first version of Amaliah, a simple one-page website that curated modest fashion.

They say if you aren’t embarrassed of your website when you first release it, you left it too late…

It’s not an understatement to say that Amaliah wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for coding schools like 23 Code Street. We hope the women that receive this scholarship are able to in turn help the next generation of Muslim women get a foot in the door.

Details of the course:

12-week part-time course

Every Monday and Thursday

14th August, 2017

Cost: £1,500 (50% off with the scholarship)

Shoreditch High Street, London, UK

What you will learn:

This course aims to give you the ideal foundations in web development.

Not only will you have the skills to build web applications but you will also be able to discuss code confidently, you will problem solve and you will have the ability to learn further languages and delve deeper into the ones you know.

The focus will be on:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Javascript
  • JQuery

Throughout the course, we will enforce best practice to make you the best possible developer we can. We will look at:

  • Your Development Environment
  • Git and Github
  • Pair Programming
  • Clean Code
  • Responsive Design
  • Accessible Development

Conditions of the scholarship:

  • Full attendance over the 12 weeks
  • Write ups of your experience of the course, to be published by 23 Code Street and Amaliah
  • The course fee of £750 is to be paid in 3 instalments by the end of the 12 weeks

For more information on the course  please visit

Apply for the scholarship or register your interest here

Amaliah Team

Amaliah Team

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