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Hair Removal…What Works Best?

by in Beauty & Makeup on 2nd April, 2018

Hair removal is always a pain; literally and figuratively, and that’s not even considering the grooming of pubic hair. The Sunnah indicates that the removal of pubic hair is part of the fitrah. It is stated that you should not allow the hair in your private parts to grow for more than 40 days.

Al-Bukhaari (5079) and Muslim (715) narrated that Jaabir ibn ‘Abdullah (may Allah be pleased with him) said: We were with the Messenger of Allah (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) on campaign, and when we approached Madinah, we wanted to enter the city straight away, but the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said:“Delay it until we enter at night so that the one who is dishevelled may tidy herself up and the one whose husband is absent may shave her pubic hair.”

The process can be awkward so we’ve weighed up the pros and cons of different methods for you and provided a basic how-to guide to assist you in tidying up your lady garden.


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Islamically shaving your pubic hair is advised. It is probably the least time-consuming and arguably inexpensive and the least painful (if you have a steady hand). Unfortunately, the instant silkiness of shaving often doesn’t last long enough. Hair can often grow back thicker which kind of makes the process pointless in the long run. However, it is pretty easy: an in and out of the shower job.

The best time to shave is in the shower; the heat of the water softens the skin and hair, opening up your pores to ensure optimal hair removal.

Take your time, you’re dealing with a delicate area and often skin can be susceptible to razor burn (ouch). Make sure you use a sensitive to skin shaving cream or conditioner. Despite getting a smoother result when shaving against the direction of growth, it is better to follow the grain. This reduces the chance of ingrown hairs and razor bumps. Pulling your skin tight helps reach the more difficult parts. You’re removing a layer of skin, leaving it a little bit more delicate, so make sure you moisturise after. Rather than using a basic razor, we’d recommend investing in a bikini razors to allow easier navigation of the deep dark down below, on the other hand, men’s face razors work just as well as they’re made for sensitive skin.

Depilatory Creams

Hair removal creams produce the same fast result as shaving whilst avoiding the risk of razor cuts. Much like using a razor it only removes the hair on the surface of the skin, so baby soft smoothness is short lasting. The smell of hair removal creams can be quite strong and can cause a reaction on sensitive skin. Test the product on your skin first to see if it causes any irritation.

Do it before a shower rather than after, as your skin will be less sensitive.

With coarse hair, the product may take longer. But the process is usually painless if you need the job done effortlessly.


Waxing is definitely the most agonising but also has the longest lasting results. No pain no gain!

There are loads of self-waxing methods out there so you don’t have to worry about exposing your awrah to a lady down at the parlour.

This technique has proved to reduce hair growth in general, so in the long run is probably the most efficient. It removes the hair from the root meaning that…. Hot wax is often more effective, but it’s important to be careful. It’s best to start out with ready to use strips which are easy to apply. You don’t get used to the pain, but the results are worth it promise! Once you’re more confident in your beautician abilities, try out hot wax. It’s often stickier but you can access more difficult to reach hair and have more overall control.

It’s best to wax hair that is at least 5mm long. You can take some painkillers half an hour before to reduce the pain. Make sure the area of skin is dry, pat yourself down with some talcum powder to absorb any moisture and oil. Start at the least sensitive area so you can adjust to the pain and work your way in towards the more delicate bits. Stretching your skin taut, apply the strip firmly in the direction of growth. Breathe in and don’t think too much as you pull it off in one swift motion in the opposite direction. After removing the hair, apply pressure to the area to reduce pain.

Avoiding going over the same part more than once as it can damage the skin. Have a bucket of ice on standby and apply aloe vera gel after to sooth the pain and cool the area down.

If you are using hot wax, heat it to a liquid consistency; liquid wax makes for an easier application. Make sure you check the temperature before use. The thinner the coating of wax, the better the results.


Sugaring is a centuries-old hair removal technique used by the likes of Cleopatra, the queen of organic beauty.

It uses all natural ingredients that are already in your kitchen and works much like waxing. The sugar method can be DIY’d at a low cost and is a less painful method of removing body hair. It’s also strip free! It’s not as sticky as waxing and residue can be washed away with warm water.

All you need is 2 cups of white granulated sugar, a dash of hot water and the juice of five lemons. Cook your mix over a medium-high heat and gradually bring to a boil until it looks and feels like golden syrup. Let the sugar paste cool for at least twenty minutes before applying to your skin as it will be extremely hot (Please check the temperature).  Like waxing, ensure the area is dry and oil free. Make a ball with the paste and stretch to apply over skin in a thick layer in the opposite direction of growth. Don’t do large areas as it won’t work as well. Let it sit for around 10 seconds and pull quickly in the direction of your hair growth. Apply pressure to alleviate the pain and moisturise. It might not be successful the first couple of times, but be patient and you should get the results you want.

Lamisa Khan

Lamisa Khan

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