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The Steady Rise of the Far Right in Poland Marred Independence Day

by in World on 14th November, 2017

Every year on the 11th of November Poland commemorate their independence. For 123 years Poland ceased to exist due to partitions which were put into place, during occupations by the Nazis and Communists through their history.  At the end of World War I the country regained independence and effectively emerged again as the nation it once was. The independence day is a national holiday to celebrate and reflect on the history of Poland.  Children and families take to the street to celebrate the day with Polish flags. The marches and gatherings have been ones of celebration and joy.

Respects were shown around the world with Belfast showing their unity by lighting the City Hall in the colours of the Polish flag.

Since 2008 however the peaceful independence celebration has been marred by pockets of violence, where Police have needed to be called as acts of vandalism and violence by far-right nationalist groups take place. They are marching some say to cleanse the country of other races and ethnicities. The marches are seen to be Xenophobic and Islamophobic.

Tommy Robinson, the former leader of the EDL, was in attendance as a reporter as explained by his Twitter.

Many have also criticised the media for sensationalising the actions of a few and raising the fact that this does nothing for unity but only breeds division and fear.

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