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Six Skincare Products Perfect for Combination Skin

by in Beauty & Makeup on 21st February, 2018

Finding the perfect skincare routine can be a mission, I’ve certainly had a struggle working out what suits my skin. I have combination skin that’s very sensitive  –  dry in particular areas and super oily in others. I can finally say I’m living my best, foundation free life, all thanks to these products! (Say MashaAllah please)

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I use micellar water twice daily, after washing my face in the morning and to remove any makeup I’m wearing during the day.

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I’ve found that oils have a better consistency than face creams. I would recommend using cold pressed oils such as this Rosehip see oil by The Ordinary. Black seed oil also works a treat and both are great for scarring and rejuvenating dry skin. After using oil I apply a small amount of the Simple Water Boost Hydrating Booster, which really helps to lock in moisture.

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Admittedly I am obsessed with The Ordinary, but how can you blame me, with their great products at affordable prices! The vitamin C cream, which I use in the evening after moisturising, has really helped even my skin tone and fading old spot scars. Another fave is the AHA 30% BHA 2% Peeling Solution. I promise it sounds more complicated than it is. The ten minute exfoliating solution does all the work for you, which means baby soft skin without the scrubbing. It is quite a strong product, so I would ration use to twice a week.

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My final product is the Lush Angels on Bare Skin exfoliator, which I use almost every day. I find a lot of exfoliants drying and harsh, but this product moisturises your skin and doesn’t leave it feeling raw. Best of all it’s vegan and cruelty-free. My pot has lasted me since August and I can confirm that it’s a match made in heaven!

Lamisa Khan

Lamisa Khan

Lamisa is an International Relations graduate. She enjoys eating cake, drinking lemonade and ranting about important things.