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Five Books You Need to Read About Class

by in Identity on 21st December, 2017

We’re often told that if you work hard then you can achieve anything. But what if your success has been influenced by a factor that you have no control over? Currently in the UK there is a huge focus on the idea of social mobility and the class system and how such systems inhibit the progress of those coming from lower socio-economic backgrounds. With Conservative austerity measures hitting those at the bottom the hardest, by 2020 it is expected that that over 3 million British children will be living in poverty. Alan Milburn’s social mobility commission found that working-class kids who pass barriers and make it to top level professions still don’t do as well or earn as much as their more privileged peers. Whilst statistics may be hard to comprehend, we’ve put together a list of  books you need to read to learn about class inequality.


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Lamisa Khan

Lamisa Khan

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