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These Two Mothers Have Launched a Campaign to Celebrate Interfaith Diversity

by in Culture & Lifestyle on 20th December, 2017

Source: WithASpin

In a world where we are becoming more and more divided by that which makes us different, two mothers from two different faiths and two different countries are coming together with a campaign to promote interfaith diversity and acceptance.

Lail Hossain, a Muslim mother living in the US and Medeia Cohan, a Jewish mother from the UK have teamed up together to help educate young children about different faiths and diversity, in hopes to bring about more tolerance and kindness in the future generations.


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Lail Hossain is the founder of ‘WithASpin‘, an online lifestyle media platform that aims to showcase the contemporary and diverse Muslim lifestyle. She has created a pack of four cookie cutters named ‘Harmony’, to highlight the four major religious holidays around the world; there is one in the shape of a Diwali Diya, an Eid lantern, a Christmas tree and a Hannukah Dreidel. The aim of the Harmony cookie cutters is to educate children and create an interfaith dialogue with them at home, in hopes of promoting tolerance and acceptance for everyone

Source: WithASpin

Medeia Cohan is the author of ‘Hats Of Faith‘, a children’s board book that introduces the young readers to different head coverings around the world from different faiths and cultures. The book features  Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Sikh and Rastafarian head coverings in 9 different illustrations. It also has accurate phonetic spellings in the group to help the young reader and their parents pronounce the names of the head coverings properly. The aim of the book is to educate about the diversity in the world around them.

Source: HatsofFaith

Together with the educational tools that they have created, they have launched a LaunchGood campaign in order to spread a message of peace, diversity and tolerance and bring it to a wider audience. For this campaign, there are special bundles of the book and cookie cutters available including; discounted donation bundles in which a copy of Hats of Faith and a set of Harmony cookie cutters will be donated to a children’s hospital, Hats of Faith bundles with special T-shirts, as well as bundles with both the Harmony cookie cutters and Hats of Faith. There are also exclusive Hats of Faith colouring sheets designed by the illustrator Sarah Walsh, and Harmony colouring pages designed by Reyhana Ismail.

At the time of writing this, the campaign has raised over $3,000 and is aiming to raise $5,000. However, the campaign will end on the 22nd of December, so there are only a few days left to support the campaign!

You can find out more about the campaign and how to support it Here.

With the rising tide of conflict and prejudice, it has become increasingly important to try and counter that with positivity and to keep pushing for diversity, peace and acceptance. This campaign is a good way to start with teaching children about unity, diversity, peace and love – and hopefully, we can raise a generation of changemakers.

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