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Salah Hacks That Every Muslim Should Know

by in Soul on 29th December, 2017

We loved this youtube video by Nafisa on salah hacks  – it was too good not to share!
The ultimate hack with regards to praying or establishing salah and especially doing it on time is to plan your activities around your day. I’m sure you probably already heard of this but how does that work in terms of practical advice? The video below can help you on how you can practically employ techniques of planning your activities around your Salah. Don’t forget to subscribe!

  1. Make wudu before you leave the house. Especially with short salah times in the winter, it’s one less thing to worry about.
  2. Carry a prayer mat with you everywhere you go. If you have your wudu and prayer mat in hand, you are good to pray pretty much anywhere you go.
  3. If you’re out and about shopping, use changing rooms to pray – but make sure there isn’t loud music!
  4. For those who work – always ask if there is a place to pray. It is important for your workplace to know as soon as possible that you are practising. Missing salah because of work is a lot of salah to miss. If you are at school or university find the quiet corners that you can pray in.
  5. If you are a parent with a young child trying to help them get into a routine of praying – ask the teachers if your child can pray.
  6. If you have a lot of meetings at work – write all the prayer times in your diary for the next month. That way if someone is trying to schedule a meeting, you can work around the prayer slots which really are 5-10 min slots. It is just a matter of moving your meeting 10-15 mins earlier or later.
  7. For the sociable ones amongst us – figure out if there is space to pray. If there isn’t make the sacrifice to leave the space to find one to pray.
  8. The saying goes pray together, stay together. If you live in a household where everyone is trying to pray salah on time. Buy a salah clock which will play the adhaan and get into the practice of praying soon as it is over.


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