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Let’s Talk Curly Hair – Mastering a No Fuss Routine

by in Beauty & Makeup on 22nd February, 2018

Having curly hair is accepting that you’ll wake up to a new surprise on your head on a daily basis. It’s mainly hoping for the best. However, having a decent routine can cut the chances of having to deal with a bad hair day. The thing with curly hair routines is, especially when you try to do it the blogger/YouTuber way, it often requires 40 different products and your whole day. And if there’s one thing we don’t want to deal with while taking care of our hair it’s going broke or having to spend the whole day doing it. So, I’ll tell you about how I mastered my no-fuss routine while sharing some tips here and there.

  1. The basics – get to know your curl

This is the less fun – more practical yet inevitable part, but you just have to know what you’re working with before you buy any product. There’s so much to find online about what curl type you have, how to figure out whether your hair has a fine or thick structure, often explained with very clear pictures. The minute you know what your hair is all about, you’ll know how to apply the products you’ll buy later.

TIP: Get a good haircut from someone who knows how curly hair works. Curly hair is often cut while dry and needs a different approach in a lot of ways. A decent cut can do a lot for your look, every time I feel like my hair is not acting right, I just know I need to get a trim asap.

  1. Minimalism wins

The great thing about social media and the internet is that you can find so much information on how to treat your curly hair. The downside though is that you can get carried away, ending up spending all your savings on tools you most likely won’t even need. When I see these Youtube tutorials where they use 4 different products just to define their curls, I can’t help but think how horrible their hair must feel like after the second day. You don’t need more than one product to lock in the moisture and one to get some definition. If you apply them the right way according to your hair type, you won’t need to lather 15 different gels and creams to get the desired result.

TIP: If you have fine hair, stay away from heavy gels and creams, they’re more likely to make your hair feel scrunchy or weigh it down leaving you with no volume whatsoever. Opt for products that cater to your curl type for the best result.


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  1. 99 tools but all you need is one

Okay, you might need more than just one. But I remember when I started out working on my hair, I felt like I needed it all: the different combs, micro fibre towels, silk headscarves and pillowcases, a diffuser, you name it. Want to know what I use now? One wide tooth comb for detangling and my old t-shirts that I use to dry my hair and use as a scarf overnight. Don’t fall for it, only buy what you need for YOUR routine. I do my hair routine at night, so I can let it dry overnight. I will also refresh my curls at night and cover it with a scarf to reduce frizz. Because of this routine, I don’t need any type of hairdryer, so why waste my money on it.

TIP: If you’re not a morning person or you just don’t have time to spend half an hour on your hair, try to switch your hair routine to the evening. Refresh your curls and protect them with a scarf so it doesn’t get crazy overnight. All you’ll have to do in the morning is shake it up and go.

  1. Treat yourself

Now to the pampering. Curly hair is often on the drier side, which means we need to work on keeping the moisture in. Look for a good hair mask that caters to what you want to work on. It could be moisture, growth… Mind that you don’t have to spend all your money on fancy hair masks, you can often use oils that you can buy a lot cheaper. A little DIY has never hurt anybody, and your wallet will thank you.

TIP: A little skincare tip here. If you happen to see any bumps on your forehead and temples and you’re not sure why they’re there. It could be your hair products. Us curly heads use products that we often don’t wash out, so when this touches your face it could break you out. So, mind the products you leave in your hair, check the ingredients that could be pore-clogging.

I hope this can help you master your own no-fuss routine that will get you the desired curly hair look. Mind that just like with any routine, it’s all about trial and error, there are thousands of products on the market and what works for someone with your hair type doesn’t necessarily work for you.

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