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Watch: Women of Oxford ‘The Transformation of My Identity’

by in Identity on 8th March, 2019


Meet the women of Oxford who relay their individual experiences about how their internal transformation changed their perception of their surroundings, having a transformative impact on their religious practices. Ithar, Sumaiyah, Akila, and Ayse all carry commonality when it comes to their pride in practicing their faith in any city.

” I was trying to fit into western ideals and trying to do the bare minimum to stay religious, whereas now being religious is something I really love and enjoy being. It affects what you eat, how you dress when you go to a restaurant you can’t enjoy half the menu but its no longer like a chore for me its something you can take great pride in.”

  • Ithar Ghalifa, a 22-year-old Interior Architect in the making. Aside from traveling the world and building models, I am passionate about social projects that give back to underrepresented and marginalised groups.
  • Sumaiyah Al-Aidarous, 22, from Birmingham, I am a student of medicine. I spend my spare time doing photography, browsing ASOS and updating my Instagram (@sums.adrs)
  • Akila Shakir,21 I’m a medical student and held the role of president of the Oxford University Sri Lanka Society. In my spare time, I like to paint landscapes of the places I travel to and watch excessive Louis Theroux documentaries.
  • My name is Ayse Gur Geden, 29  I’m from Istanbul, Turkey. I’m doing PhD in Sociolinguistics. I love cooking, having long walks, meeting new people and cultures, and gardening with my toddler at our allotment.
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