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Week in World News Starting With Windrush & the No Muslim Ban Ever Making It to the US Supreme Courts

by in World on 27th April, 2018


Windrush Crisis


The Windrush generation is those who arrived in the UK between 1948 and 1971 from Caribbean countries. Workers from Jamaica, Trinidad, and Tobago, and other islands were traveling over due to the labor shortages in a post-war UK.  The ship was carrying 492 passengers, many of which were children.

Why is it called Windrush?

This refers to the ship MV Empire Windrush, which arrived on 22 June 1948 at Tilbury Docks, Essex. Prime Minister Theresa May has apologised to Carribean leaders, for the deportation threats given to the children of Commonwealth citizens.  Large groups of Carribean British citizens have been made to feel like they are living here illegally due to ‘lack of real paperwork.’

Trumps Anti Muslim Ban at the US supreme court of justice


The hashtag #NoMuslimbanever has been trending on Twitter. As a result of a call to action surrounding President Trump’s ban on Muslims from Muslim majority countries from entering the US.


The ban affects Muslim majority countries including Somalia, Yemen, North Korea, Syria, Yemen, Iran, Chad and selected Venezuelan officials from entering the US.


On April 25th, 2018  the US supreme court, reviewed the US  president Donald Trump’s travel ban litigation.  Its nine members debated as to whether the ban was ‘constitutional’ on Wednesday. Attorney solicitor general Noel Francisco, during the oral arguments, defending the ban,  made a massive error when referring to “Islam as a country,” In his closing statement.

Mohammed Salah Sold by Chelsea to Liverpool for 36.9 Million

Salah who has played exceptionally this season was named the “PFA Player of the Year” having scored over 43 times, in all competitions after a brace against Roma, is being sold by Chelsea. Salah in 2014, joined Chelsea under Mourinho, who was then loaned to Fiorentina and then to Roma, after moving permanently to Italy for £15m.  Jose Mourinho has come under heat for being the one to sell Salah, but he claims he was the one who “bought” him, insisting Chelsea is to blame for selling him to.

“He is a great player that has reached the peak of maturity,” he added. “He has already lived several other experiences and now has fitted perfectly into the style of play of the team, of the coach and of the club as well.”

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