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Addictions to Curb This Ramadan: Pornography

by in Lifestyle on 1st June, 2018

Let’s talk about porn.

Pornography is the portrayal of sexual subject matter, for the purpose of sexual arousal. Coming in various different media forms, many groups within society have considered such representations immoral or addictive, and often attempt to have them suppressed. Others view porn as positive and socially acceptable. Yet, irrespective of social views, porn is used in lots of settings including at fertility clinics to stimulate sperm collection and for couples to create sexual interest as part of foreplay.

There is much research out there concerning the potential effects that pornography has on the user and on society. For example, the influence porn can have on rape, domestic violence, sexual dysfunction, poor sexual relationships, and child sex abuse to name a few. It is suggested that viewers may become tolerant to such images, therefore influencing sexual response. Contrastingly, numerous studies state that the liberalisation of porn can decrease rape and sexual violence rates.

Over 70 percent of male Internet users between the ages of 18 to 34 visit a pornographic site in a typical month. A staggering statistic that begs the question, if so many of-age individuals can access porn, how many of those under-age are exposed to porn? Nowadays, most children younger than ten have seen hard-core pornographic images thanks to pop-up videos, many coming from even from the most benign websites. The scary reality is that most young children are unable to process the images that hit their immature retinas. It is true what they say… Sex sells. We all know that porn is absolutely not going anywhere. A lucrative business, to say the least, it has been estimated to be worth over a staggering £70 billion globally.

So, what is the answer? Sex education should not come from porn. Yet, we need to educate about porn.

The Family Planning Association is raising awareness, opening the discussion about porn and ultimately providing support. Porn is made to look good, not feel good; a fantasy made by actors. In real life, sex can be many things, but it should not be a performance, or untrue to yourself.

Here at HANX, we encourage open discussions about subjects related to porn, including body image, consent, communication, safer sex, and the difference between fantasy and reality. It is about time that we have open-minded and non-judgemental discussions on the topic, starting in schools.

Dr. Hanx

Dr. Hanx

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