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7 Times Fashion Brands Were Called Out for Cultural Appropriation

by in Fashion on 30th June, 2018

The runway is no stranger to religious and cultural expressions of faith, and identity. We have been faced a number of times with ill-informed designers, who are determined to appropriate cultures, without championing, honouring, and empowering the artisans, creatives from the region they mimic. Often mainstream designers have been caught red-handed, utilising religious dress, and cultural iconography without giving space on their platforms for the designers from parts of the globe that triggered their beautiful lines. We have reached an age where accountability and mindfulness has become a key necessity when identifying our favourite designers and choosing to support and buy from them.

Here are 7 times fashion brands were called out for cultural appropriation.

Turbans by Gucci

Marc Jacobs did Dredlocs

Is it a Lungi or a skirt?

Durag or ‘Chanel cap?’

Ghana must go shopping bags or Gucci couture?

Mens Salah Hat or YSL Crochet

Hijabs by Gucci

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Amaliah Team

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