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Trying to Match Your Tan, Foundation, and Concealer? Try These Beauty Bay 2 in 1’s

by in Beauty & Makeup on 18th July, 2018

It is hard enough these days finding the right shade of foundation, being out in the sun day after day has our skin tone changing up on us, every few days. Finding a suitable, colour match can be hard, let alone finding the right shade of concealer to blend into your face in an organic looking way. You want it to look like you have a healthy glow about you, without it looking like you worked hard to get the glow, whilst maintaining a fresh face, whilst ensuring it kind of looks like you don’t have makeup on, you’re just naturally this fabulous- which you are! Here is the perfect solution, these 2 in 1 foundation and concealer, in 19  shades.

Conceal And Perfect 2 In 1 Foundation And Concealer 30ml £13

Amaliah Writes

Amaliah Writes

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