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Zara’s New Campaign Gives a Nod to Modest Fashion

by in Fashion on 31st July, 2018

Zara’s most recent summer campaign features many great styles, that show a sense of luxury for the summer and coming seasons must haves – shot by Steven Meisel and filmed by Fabien Baron. This campaign was released by Zara earlier this week- focusing heavily on the modesty aspect of the campaign.

Every model is gracefully shot with a head-wrap, matching every outfit with a piece of accessory that stands out. Although it may not be stated by Zara, by first look- the campaign screams ‘Modesty’, so it’s something we got to talk about. Here are the top two looks that caught my eye for the campaign.

Look 1


Wears printed velvet three-piece suit with leather bow blouse.

Look 2


Wears leopard print jumpsuit with a draped overcoat.

Now, this look caught my eye for many reasons, the tones and textures of the clothing is what stand out and fits in perfectly. When it comes to printed clothing- it’s always best to mix it up with something that adds a touch of elegance and classical flow to it. The long overcoat rests on the model with ease as it somewhat tones down the bold prints. Again this outfit is matched with a statement belt, bag and rough leather boots. All in all, putting the outfit together with a killer boss vibe. Want the edgy and trendy look? Then this would be perfect.

We all love a bit of fashion drama in our lives, well this new Zara campaign is just that reminding us fashion lovers to be modestly bold and live on the edge.

Check out the collection that will be coming soon on

Take a look at the campaign here.

Faiza Saqib

Faiza Saqib

Faiza is a storyteller, and journalist from Afghanistan. She is an author who recently published her book "unspoken the voice beyond," A collection of poems that explore through the elements of human life. Through the battles of war and peace, we face within. You may follow her on Instagram @simplyf.s