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It Is Party Season so Here Are Superdrug’s Top 5 Super Sweet Gifting Range Products!

by in Beauty & Makeup on 2nd August, 2018

Gifts don’t have to be flashy and expensive to be received well. This season is all about managing space and getting into the habit of giving, and utilising things that can be used without being wasted. These little gifts are a great way to improve someone’s mood, or as a mini thank you for that invite to her bbq. Purchase a range of these products and make a pretty gift basket, wrapped in ribbon, an easy but thoughtful gift idea.

1. Superdrug Studio London Contouring Brushes

2. Superdrug Fruity Strawberry Bath Confetti 50G


3. Superdrug Flutter Bath Confetti 20G

4. Superdrug Flutter Panda Sheet Face Mask

5. Superdrug Fruity 3X Lip Balms In Tubs

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