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World News: Rohingya Crisis & Pakistani Unity With Turkish Lira

by in World on 30th August, 2018

1. Pakistanis buying out the Turkish Lira

Pakistanis have flocked to buy the Turkish Lira, outside exchange markets recently. In support of president Erdogan’s protest of the U.S. Even though this won’t buy much for them, in Karachi or Islamabad, protestors are doing so to challenge the US and encourage people to support Turkey during its financial protest with the US. The Turkish economy was reported by Middle East Eye to have, “lost more than 45 percent of its value this year over worries about president Erdogan’s influence, and his, his repeated calls for lower interest rates in the face of high inflation and worsening ties with the United States.” To add insult to injury Trump, “doubled steel and aluminum tariffs earlier this month in retaliation.”

2. Update on Rohingya crisis

The Myanmar military launched violent attacks, on the 25 August 2017,  against the Rohingya people,  causing over 700,000 to flee from their homes. Those who have escaped to neighboring parts of the region have been reported to be dealing with extensive trauma, witnessing rape, killings, torching of their houses and villages, and violence, “as they remain trapped in squalid camps.”

Zeid Ra’ad al Hussein UN human rights chief has said an investigation should have been launched into Myanmar’s de-facto,  Aung San Suu Kyi over his recent brutal military campaigns against the Rohingya Muslim minority. The Buddhist majority led nation has been accused of systematic ethnic cleansing- has in the past cleared its reputation for systematic ethnic cleansing.

3. Muslim woman forced to show officials, her period pad at airport security

Harvard grad Zainab Merchant was stopped by TSA officers at airport security. Something she had experienced before for two years, it was something she was half expecting. However, the graduate was left in shock after being asked to prove she was wearing a period pad when being patted down, TSA officers were reported to have taken her for a further screening to prove she had a pad on near her groin. The Huffington Post reported that “Zainab was traveling to Washington DC where she was expecting the transportation security Administration to pull her aside for a screening.” When she began asking questions, “she was told if she did not comply, the response was given that, state troopers who were on standby would intervene.”



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