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World News: Updates You Might Have Missed the Niqab Ban in Denmark & Unrest in Bangladesh

by in World on 6th August, 2018

1. Danish Niqab Ban

Protests were active all over  Copenhagen, Denmark when the law banning Niqabs was put into full effect.  The ban will mean the niqab cannot be worn in public, this has triggered a collective response condemning the government for monopolising women’s rights over her own body to wear whatever she likes. Protestors who wear the niqab came together in numbers near the central district of Norrebro to Bellahoj police station on the outskirts of the city. Protestors also documented security services embracing a woman in Niqab, making a symbolic statement of her support.

2. Bangladeshi Kids unsafe after deaths

Mainstream media channels are failing to relate the severity of news in Bangladesh, as violent clashes continue in Bangladesh’s capital. Young student protestors have been fired with tear gas, and the mobile internet connections have been shut down. This has come after weeks of protest over road safety after 2 teenagers were run over and killed by a speeding bus.

3. New Law in France to punish catcalling at the scene

France’s wolf whistling ban has come into full effect days after a thug punched a woman for calling him out on his catcalling. Perpetrators are due to pay on the spot fines of £660 if they use sexist or sexual comments in public areas such as public transport and the street.  Marie Laguerre, the woman who became victim to physical abuse, “shared the CCTV footage of the man slapping her outside a café in the north-east of the capital.” French lawmakers, passed the law last week, to help outlaw gender-based harassment.

4. Unrest in Ethiopia.

Violence still ensues as troops are deployed in Ethiopia’s Somali region. Federal troops have taken over key areas and positions such as the local government in JigJiga, the capital of the Somali region of Ethiopia. This is due to civil unrest taking place, consequentially, protestors have set fire to the church, and looted shops, targeting non-Somalis. Regional officials have been accused of human rights abuses, as there has been major disagreement over oil in the region and the distribution of wealth. Regional paramilitary forces have been reported to be the cause of ethnic violence with neighbouring regions, leading to hundreds of deaths.

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